Burmese and Thai Film Screening


SuperNova Cinema, TLU

Political short films by independent filmmakers under military regimes

20.05.22 and 27.05.22
@ SuperNova Cinema, Tallinn University

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Program 1: Thailand Focus



Dr.Mukdawan Sakboon

Faculty of Social Sciences

Chiang Mai University

Samak Kosem


Program 2: Myanmar Focus



Karin Dean

School of Humanities

Tallinn University

Hwang Tsai (Ah Sai)

MA Student

Chiang Mai University

About the Project

Despite the human rights, Southeast Asian military states, including Thailand and Myanmar, attempt to control the communication of the media in order to maintain their power. Under the censorships, and restrictions enforced by the military states, the filmmakers seek a way to raise their voices, addressing political issues through the use of moving images.

Burmese-Thai Film Screening would like to address these issues and elaborate the understanding of the historical, political, and cultural context of Burmese and Thai military states. The event is a two-days program featuring five short films related to political issues in Myanmar and Thailand following by discussion panels after the screening.